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You’ve just purchased a new nib for your calligraphy or dip pen and are excited to get it inserted, inked, and ready to write. Before you begin however, take the time to properly prepare the nib for optimal results. There are several ways to prepare a new nib. Each artist and writer has his preference for preparations. Below are a few of the most common prep tips.


Don’t let the word “permanent” make you think all is lost when you accidentally dot or streak your clothes with permanent marker ink. While your favorite marker brands, such as Stabilo, are made to be as long-lasting and reliable as possible, there are some DIY tricks you can try to remove the stain and recover your favorite piece of clothing.



Well-executed calligraphy can add a touch of sophistication and a flair of artistic creativity to a wide variety of pieces. From wedding invitations, to holiday cards, to logo designs, calligraphy is a traditional technique that will always have a place in modern design. Classic black ink calligraphy on white paper is dramatic. Replace the black ink with a vibrant color, and you’ve made the elegant ethereal. If you want to really take your calligraphy to the next level, however, try your hand at ombre calligraphy.


To excel academically, you need to master your study skills. Highlighting your notes can be a helpful way to document the most critical components of your study guide for quick reference during test prep and review—but only if you follow proper highlighting techniques. It can be easy to start highlighting as you read along, and then realize after a short period of time that you’ve highlighted everything other than the prepositions and the page numbers and don’t remember any of it. Don’t make the mistake of highlighting so much, that nothing stands out. Your aim should be to only highlight 20 to 30 percent of the text you’re studying. Follow our best practices below for proper highlighting techniques.


Inspiration can come from anywhere. Or so they say. That sentiment doesn’t always help when you’re staring at a white blank page and can’t conjure an image, an idea, or even a starting point for your latest project. If you’re finding you have the artist equivalent of writer’s block, don’t be too hard on yourself. Yes, inspiration can come from anywhere, but it does have to come from somewhere. To help you work through your roadblock, we’ve compiled tips and ideas for finding inspiration from other artists like you who have learned how to see the world from a place of limitless possibilities.



For the man who drove you to school every morning, cooked your favorite hotdogs all summer long, and made sure to screen all of your dates before you left the house, it’s time to say thank you. Father’s Day gives us an important opportunity to pause and say “thank you” to the dads who have done so much, and asked for so little in return.


 Your fountain pen is the most versatile tool in your desk drawer. It’s perfect for sketching, notetaking, designing, and even adding accents and outlines to watercolors and charcoal sketches. While some calligraphers prefer dip pens, you can absolutely produce outstanding calligraphy for any occasion with a fountain pen. Whether you are addressing invitations, writing thank you notes, or simply practicing your calligraphy skills, follow the tips below when creating calligraphy with your fountain pen.

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Think the entire world is going digital? Think again. According to The Paperless Project, more than 300 million tons of paper are produced each year. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), printing and writing papers, including notepads, are the largest category of paper products utilized by consumers. We know we can never do without our favorite notebook, but unfortunately, too much paper is still ending up in landfills, instead of being properly recycled. According to The Paperless Project, 35 percent of the municipal solid waste in landfill sites is comprised of discarded paper.



Whether you are a student, a business executive, a teacher, a social butterfly, or a busy mom, you have one. A highlighter. You may even own an entire set so that you can color-code your day planner: Yellow for urgent deadlines, pink for social engagements, green for volunteer work, and blue for birthdays. Admin it. You’d be lost without your set of Stabilo BOSS Highlighters. You’d never remember the important parts of your study guide, or quickly reference the final deadline for that work assignment. Your life would simply be less organized, and not a little less colorful.


They’re perfect for drafting, sketching, note taking, drawing, and bringing creative visions to life. With a wide variety of vivid hues, high quality ink, and a consistency you can rely on, STABILO pens have been a staple for millions of artists over the decades. If you haven’t yet experienced the STABILO difference, it’s time to explore why these tiny tools are so often chosen by artists to make big impressions.