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The colored pencil. As classically versatile and perpetually necessary as paper and pen, yet vibrant and beautiful like no other. The ideal medium for drawing, sketching, designing, and even writing, colored pencils offer ultimate flexibility and hours of creative inspiration. To help you make the most out of your next creative project, follow our colored pencil drawing tips and best practices.


It happens when you receive a postcard in the mail from a friend. Or perhaps when someone lets you copy their meeting notes. It may even happen when peering over someone’s shoulder at a coffee shop or café. You have handwriting envy. You see the elegant, even, and slightly pitched notes of someone with exceptional handwriting form and you feel jealously build inside you as you look down at your own scratched, uneven, ragged script. If you’re ready to improve your handwriting, so that you too can produce correspondence that manifests envy in others, read our tips below for improving your handwriting.


Calligraphy is a beautiful, delicate, and flexible art form that dates back thousands of years. Today, this art form survives thanks to the artists and writers who work to painstakingly learn the intricate details of the craft. Whether you’re just beginning to experiment with calligraphy, or if you’re transitioning from a novice to a competent artist, you need the right supplies to ensure the highest quality results. Read on for our advice on the best fountain pen nibs for calligraphy writing.


You’re ready. You’re ready to throw away your last, flimsy, plastic ball point pen and enter the world of the sophisticated with your first fountain pen purchase. We applaud you. Now the question becomes, which pen to choose? For first time fountain pen purchasers, we have your list of four important factors to consider when choosing the right fountain pen for you and your daily needs.


It’s been shown that the simple process of writing down everything that you eat on a day-to-day basis can effectively help you identify unhealthy patterns in your diet, and make more health-conscious decisions. While many fitness companies have developed apps promising a convenient and accurate food tracking experience, many such apps offer clunky functionality, limitations in food and portion options, and tedious data entry requirements.


First impressions mean a lot, especially in business. When you meet a new client, a prospect, a potential employer, or even a colleague, you want to present your best. That means being prepared with smart insights, dressing professionally, and bringing stationery supplies that prove you mean business. We have your three stationery must-haves for your next business meeting that are sure to impress, and set you up for success.


We all know the heartbreaking story of Anne Frank, a young, Jewish German girl who chronicled her life in her famed diary during the two years she and her family hid from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam. Anne, her mother, father, sister, and four other Jews that were in hiding with her family, were eventually captured and sent to concentration camps. Of the eight that had been in hiding, only Anne’s father, Otto, would survive.


Sometimes, the simple process of writing—of putting pen to paper and seeing your feelings written in words—can lend the perspective you need to solve a problem. Personal journaling, or keeping a diary, is an effective way to help you work through solutions to problems, or even to simply reflect on the significance of each day with gratitude. If you believe keeping a personal journal may be beneficial, read our five tips for effectively maintaining a journal that will help you to accomplish your personal goals.



Have you ever wondered what gives your blue fountain pen ink that beautiful, vibrant indigo color? Or your black ink that glistening ebony hue? Or your red ink that deep, crimson intensity? You can thank both naturally occurring and synthetic pigments for some of the most astonishing colors we see today in paints, inks, and dyes. The science behind pigmentation and ink creation is complex and detailed, but for fountain pen and ink aficionados curious about the natural-occurring properties of pigments, we have a brief overview to help you understand what pigments help define some of your favorite colors.



Today, we live in a world of convenience. Want a new vacuum? Order it with one click from your mobile phone and it will arrive in two days. What a latte? You don’t even have to get out of your car. Just pull up to the drive-thru. Want to experiment with dozens of different fountain pen inks? Reputable brands are available online, offering you limitless possibilities for colors and styles.