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For artists and sketchers, and even note-takers who don’t want to be inconvenienced by spiral bindings (we’re talking to you lefties), the Rhodia ColoR series of premium notepads offer a smooth writing surface in a functional design, presented in unique, enjoyable color options.



When you consider that some of the greatest writers of our time penned their manuscripts with pen and ink, literary figures like William Shakespeare and Jane Austen, is it any surprise that some of today’s most talented writers are still conceptualizing and creating their first drafts by hand? English author Neil Gaiman still pens the first drafts of his novels using a fountain pen. He has spoken publically about his fountain pen preference, and how it helps to stimulate his creativity. Gaiman’s experiences should serve as inspiration for other writers looking to let their creative tools inspire their psyche.



Versatile and pliable, vellum paper offers a variety of creative uses for artists and crafty creators. Today’s modern, manufactured vellum papers can easily be found in a variety of colors and weights. Keeping a stash of vellum papers on hand will ensure you always have just the right surface available to enhance your latest creative project.



Depending on what you’re gifting, sometimes a box simply won’t do. Other times, you want your gift to make a statement before it’s even opened. When expertly assembled, gift bags make a beautiful presentation. Your gift recipient won’t be able to wait to open your gift to see what’s inside the beautiful bag. To help you ensure your gift bag’s presentation is just as thoughtful as what’s inside, follow our tips for assembling the perfect gift bag.



Whether you’re taking an epic, month-long trek across Europe, or simply taking a short drive to a nearby resort town for the long weekend, travel journaling can be a meaningful way to record observations and document amazing moments to remember for years to come. If you want to keep a travel journal for your next trip, you’ll want to follow our advice below to ensure you are following best practices and choosing tools to help you achieve your memory-making goals.


Some days, it’s not enough to be organized. You need stationery products that make a statement, that reflect your personality, and that tell the world you’ve got it together. If you’re looking for a notebook that is as functional as it is stylish, check out the Rhodia Rhodiarama.

Just like handwriting can reveal innate personality traits, and just like your favorite color can be an indication of common behaviors and preferences, your favorite type of fountain pen can reveal a lot about who you are as a person, and as an artist. Whether you are a writer, a doodler, a calligrapher, or an engineer, the type of fountain pen you gravitate toward is not merely a coincidence. It’s a purposeful choice and a reflection upon some of your best qualities. Here’s our take on what your favorite fountain pen says about you.



Your hand is poised over the paper. The lighting is perfect. You are about to unburden your soul with the kind of inspired creativity that changes lives. You touch nib to paper, you gently arc your hand, and then—nothing happens. You attempt to draw another line, pressing harder this time. Nothing. You scribble back and forth. No line. You stare at the tip of the nib head on, shake it once or twice, then try again. Still no beautiful line of ink.


Writing with a fountain pen is not a transaction between thought and paper. It’s an emotive, creative experience. Fountain pens are tools used to conjure muses, to inspire divine intervention, and to produce poetry and prose in lines of gentle arcs and dream-like swirls. These captivating and stirring qualities make fountain pens the best tools available to scribe poetry, and we have five more reasons why.





2017 represents the Year of the Rooster according to the Chinese zodiac. A symbol of fidelity and punctuality, the Rooster reminds us all to become better organized, focused, and work-oriented. What better-way to honor the Rooster, and set yourself up for success in 2017, then with a limited-edition Quo Vadis journal or Rhodia notebook, commemorating the conscientious, and dependable rooster.