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You just invested in a quality set of colored pencils and are ready to set your creative spirit free—but have you stopped to consider your coloring surface? For the highest quality final product, not just any surface, paper, or notebook will do. Make sure you are choosing only the most effective and reliable surfaces for your colored pencil drawings. You’ll be amazed when you realize what a difference your surface makes. What follows is a list of the best (and most unique) surfaces for your colored pencil drawings.

One of the aspects of fountain pens that we love is the breadth of styles, brands, shapes, sizes, and colors available. No matter your interest, medium, use, or styling preference, there is a fountain pen out there that will suit your needs. One of our favorites, especially for fountain pen aficionados who are looking for a pen with an extra, stylish flourish and unique design, is the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen. It is the shape and style of this pen that makes it so special and unique. Unlike traditional fountain pens, if offers an elegant, elongated shaft that will easily set you apart from all the other writers, artists, sketchers, and note takers in any room.

How to Combine Colored Pencil with Watercolor Paint


Mixed media artwork allows for a rich, layered, and complex finished product. It also gives artists an opportunity to experiment with multiple mediums, techniques, and to show off their integrated skills. If you’re interested in learning how to combine your vibrant colored pencil drawings, with the ethereal, bold properties of watercolors, then follow our beginner guide below.



To the organizers. The planners. To those who keep us on task, on time, and well-prepared for whatever the day may bring, on April 26, we say: Thank you. Don’t let Administrative Professionals Day pass by this year without acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and perfection of the administrative professionals in your life who make your day-to-day schedule seamless and successful. We’ve got gift ideas to help you say “thank you,” and show them how much they are appreciated.



Every artist knows that the tools you use are essential to your craft. The quality of your materials directly impacts the quality of the final product. Every choice you make, from paper, to ink, to drafting surface, is essential to creating a final product that lives up to the vision you have in your mind. For artists who prefer marker-style pens for their medium of choice, fiber tip pens offer control, flexibility, and a wide variety of vibrant colors. If you haven’t yet tried this versatile product, read on to learn the benefits of fiber tip pens.


If you’re ready to venture into calligraphy work using a dip pen, you have some choices to make. Before you even consider ink brand or nib size, you’ll want to start by choosing either a straight or oblique calligraphy pen. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to both to get you started thinking what may work best for you before you get your shop on.

You’re likely friends with many of your college classmates, but in reality, you’re also competing for the same highly coveted internships, teaching assistant positions, and possibly even interviews with top employers. No matter how much you like one another, you’re all in a position to prove you are the most mature, responsible, organized, and forward-thinking student and candidate in your class. We may not be able to help you ace your GRE, or nail your internship interview, but we can help you look the part, stay organized, and never miss a key deadline. Read on for the stationery products you need to impress your college classmates, and possible employers.


You probably first picked up a colored pencil in kindergarten. Languishing in the variety of vibrant shades, you went to work coloring—maybe not so accurately—within the lines. As you’ve aged (and your technique has vastly improved), you’re still turning to this artistic staple to give color and style to your creative ideas and projects. Have you ever stopped to wonder though, how colored pencils are made? When it comes to artistic tools, we take nothing for granted, which is why we bring you a brief history of the colored pencil, and a general summary of their creation and assembly.

We believe in tangible communications and the handwritten word. Still, we understand that sometimes you want to share your creations online, on social, and on demand. To help you digitize your handcrafted creations, Leuchtturm, the makers of some of the world’s highest quality notebooks, have partnered with Whitelines Link, giving you the Leuchtturm 1917 Master Academy Pad. This unique notebook lays the foundation for you to share your sketches and writing using the Whitelines Link mobile application.


Calligraphy is a delicate and expressive art form that dates back centuries. Combining emotive lettering with artistic design, calligraphy as an art form has evolved over the centuries as our needs and resources have changed. What follows is an explanation of some of the key philosophical and practical differences between traditional calligraphy, and its younger ancestor, modern calligraphy.