Appreciation for the Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen

Oct 24

If you’re searching for a fountain pen that will amplify your creative spirit, the Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen will not disappoint. Known for its modern, simple exterior and reliable hardware, Preppy has earned a respected place among the highest qualify fountain pen brands for almost a decade. Perhaps its most amazing feature is its affordability, given the high quality writing experience it offers its satisfied buyers. If you’re in the market for an affordable soon-to-be-new-favorite fountain pen, consider the benefits of the Platinum Preppy.


Flexible Nib Sizes

Nibs are available for the Platinum Preppy in medium, fine, and extra fine to accommodate all preferences for writing precision and flexibility. If you’re wondering what nib size to choose, know that the Preppy is a Japanese-made pen, which means the nibs run on the smaller side. The extra fine, for example, is .2 millimeters.


Hours of Reliable Use

The Preppy’s nibs are also made of stainless steel, which means you can rely on the nib long-term to be sturdy and functional. The Preppy is designed to optimize ink flow to the nib, which means an exceptional writing experience, no matter how many hours of writing or drawing you accomplish per day.


Vibrant Colors

The ability to write with colorful inks is essential for any fountain pen user, but the outside of the pen matters just a much to many fans. For those who value the exterior appearance of their fountain pen, the Preppy Platinum is available in sleek black, eye-popping blue, serene green, wild pink, refined purple, dominant red, and cheerful yellow.


Details Make the Difference

A favorite touch for many fans is the way that the Preppy’s colored pen cap and ink feed match the ink color of the pen. This small detail lends itself to an overall creatively cohesive appearance. At such an affordable price, we recommend buying a Preppy Platinum fountain pen in every available color to maximize your creativity. Don’t mistake the Preppy for a disposable pen, however. The Preppy accepts a variety of Platinum cartridges, or insert a Platinum converter and fill with your favorite brand of ink. We recommend J. Herbin or Noodler’s Ink.


A Peek Inside

Another favorite Platinum Preppy Feature is the clear and silver plastic transparent body. For those who appreciate the technical functionality of their fountain pen, this glimpse inside is a unique and valuable touch.



Reliable Shelf Life

Thanks to Platinum Preppy’s “Slip Seal” cap mechanism, the ink won’t dry out, even if the cartridge has been installed for a year. However, since the Platinum Preppy is so fun to write with, we doubt any ink would last that long anyway.


If you’re ready to test a Platinum Preppy for yourself, simply choose your favorite color and nib size, and experience the Platinum Preppy difference.

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