Are Fountain Pens Better for Drawing?

Are Fountain Pens Better for Drawing?
Jan 19

Fountain pens offer a creativity and flexibility in writing that simply cannot be replicated with other pens, and that includes ballpoints, gel inks, and rollerball varieties. The variance in line thicknesses, the vibrancy of ink colors, and the control over each and every line are the characteristic benefits that define fountain pen use. Is it no surprise then, that we believe fountain pens are equally as ideal for artists, sketchers, and doodlers? Here are 7 reasons why we believe fountain pens are better for drawing than alternative options.


1. Fountain Pens are Better with Watercolors.
Watercolor artists appreciate the contrasting juxtaposition of the seemingly boundless transitions of colors created by watercolor paints, that are constrained by bold, crisp pen ink lines. Fountain pens used with permanent ink are ideal when working with watercolors as they offer a permanent line, the thickness of which can be controlled, and that will, in turn, not be affected by the watercolor paint.

2. Fountain Pens Provide a More Enjoyable Writing Experience.
Sketching is a sensory experience. It’s the tangible feeling of holding a pen in your hand and feeling the ink glide across the page, bringing to life what before you could only see in your mind. Fountain pens offer the most enjoyable sensation of flow, never scratching or dryly dragging across a page, but flowing like your thoughts.

3. Permanent Ink Mitigates Smudging
Artists may be used to their hands regularly being tinged with paints, or smudged with pencil lead, but we don’t have to love it. When sketching using a fountain pen and permanent ink, you can sketch for hours with limited fear that your palm will deteriorate your previous work.

4. Fountain Pen Nibs Don’t Need Sharpening
Sketching with pencils is a constant battle between wanting a dull, soft line, and needing a crisp, sharp point, leaving you constantly sharpening your pencil, and then trying to dull it. All the while, your pencil becomes smaller and smaller until it needs to be replaced. Refilling ink in a fountain pen is a breeze, and you never have to worry about your nib changing shape.

5. Unlike Markers, Fountain Pens Don’t Fade Before Their Ink Dries Up
When your fountain pen runs out of ink, you know it, and you can easily replace the ink and pick right back up where you left off with no change in the quality of your product. With markers, as the ink slowly, painfully, starts to dry-up, your once bold, vibrant lines start to dull, negatively impacting your vision.

6. Fountain Pens are Ergonomically Superior
Sketching for hours isn’t possible if your posture and form give you hand cramp and neck fatigue. Fountain pens are designed to be held at a 45-degree angle, with a looser grip, and with movements originating in the shoulder, and not the wrist. This allows for a more comfortable, enjoyable, and longer-lasting writing experience.

7. Limitless Ink Color Possibilities
Sure, you can purchase a box set of markers, but the colors are nothing compared to those of fountain pen ink. Just look at these colors from, J. Herbin: Bleu Nuit, Orange Indien, and Diabolo Menthe.





Still not convinced? Try for yourself. We recommend the Platinum Preppy fountain pen for first-timers. We’re confident you’ll be convinced of the fountain pen difference after just one sketch session.

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