Celebrate the Life and Accomplishments of J. Herbin with Anniversary Edition Inks

Celebrate the Life and Accomplishments of J. Herbin with Anniversary Edition Inks
Jun 30

As a fountain pen enthusiast you likely already know the name J. Herbin. It is a name you associate with the highest quality ink, in most vibrant colors, and as the most tasteful, and creative tool for your sketching, calligraphy, or writing. What you may not know, however, is that J. Herbin was an enterprising French sailor who first created his line of unparalleled inks in the 17th century. Today, the J. Herbin ink company is celebrating the life and ingenuity of its namesake with an exquisite line of anniversary inks. Celebrate the life and accomplishments of the ink pioneer with these fine products.


Herbin History

    During the mid-seventeenth century, J. Herbin made several successful voyages to India. During his travels, he collected a variety of ingredients to be used to create his now famous line of fountain pen inks. Back in his Paris workshop, he created two signature pen inks: the “l’Encre des Vaisseaux” (the Ink of Ships), and the “Perle des Encres” (the Jewel of Inks). During his lifetime J. Herbin became so renowned for his exquisite products that he was tasked with creating an ink for Louis XIV, as well as a black ink made exclusively for author Victor Hugo. Today, J. Herbin remains the oldest name in ink production in the world, and one of the finest brands available on the market.


    Herbin Anniversary Ink

    To commemorate J. Herbin’s indelible impact on the creative world, the modern day J. Herbin company has released these four exclusive products:


    Emeraude de Chivor

    The name of this teal ink was inspired by J. Herbin’s tradition of keeping an emerald in his picket during his voyages for good luck. Chivor emeralds became known as "Tears of the Moon" because of their opaque transparency. Emeraude de Chivor is an elegant emerald green ink with flecks of gold.

    Emerald de Chivor J. Herbin Ink


    Stormy Grey

    Inspired by the intrepid sailor himself, the “Stormy Grey” ink is a deep coal grey, or anthracite ink, with flecks of gold. The flecks of gold within the ink are meant to reflect both strikes of lightening across the water, and also its dark and mysterious depths.

    Storm Grey J. Herbin Anniversary Ink


    Blue Ocean

    Not all of J. Herbin’s days at sea were stormy. His love of the ocean and successful voyages to India to obtain indigo dye are celebrated with this deep blue ink interlaced a golden sheen.

    Blue Ocean J. Herbin Anniversary Ink 


    Dark Red

    The Dark Red, or "Rouge Hematite" ink was created specifically to celebrate the 340th anniversary of the founding of J. Herbin. It’s deep red color and earthy tone is meant as a reminder of the color of the historic J. Herbin logo and the traditional J. Herbin sealing wax used by members of the royal courts.

    Dark Red J. Herbin Anniversary Ink

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