Eleven Ways that Paper Planners Beat Digital

Oct 27

The phrase, “There’s an app for that,” has become such an overused phrase in our collective culture that it is melting away to become background noise. Need to remember where you parked your car? “There’s an app for that.” Counting calories? “There’s an app for that.” Building a grocery list? Yep, that too.


We have become so used to turning to app stores whenever we need to track, manage, or monitor something, that we don’t even stop to ask ourselves if there could possibly be a better, non-electronic solution. When it comes to managing your schedule and planning your days, there is definitely a solution better than the litany of apps available for download. Here are eleven ways that traditional paper planners beat digital solutions.

1. When your phone battery dies, you don’t miss your appointments.

2. You can more easily view your week, or month-long schedule at a glance, and without squinting.

3. You can use the phrase, “Let me check my schedule,” when you’re not ready to commit to an invitation.

4. Your to-do list becomes a tangible thing. Completing items and crossing them off of your list is more satisfying when done with paper and pen than when done with a screen.

5. A paper planner can reflect your style. When you choose a Quo Vadis planner, you have your choice of exterior cover styles and colors, allowing you to choose a color that compliments your lifestyle.

6. You can easily save notes and files within your calendar. Tuck that party invitation, meeting agenda, or appointment paperwork into your planner to keep all of the details about each appointment in one, safe place.

7. You never have to worry about system upgrades, bugs, paid updates, file synch trouble, or incompatibility issues with a paper planner, which means you never have to worry about losing your schedule due to a technical glitch beyond your control.

8. You can add details and appointments to your planner, faster. Ever try to stand at the check-out window of your doctor’s office adding a new calendar entry to your phone while the person behind you sighs impatiently? This never happens when you use a paper planner. Simply write a quick note in your planner and you’re on your way.

9. Paper is always compatible with paper. Are you sick of having your contacts saved in one app, your to-do list saved in another app, your home calendar in a third, and your work calendar in a fourth? Keep all of your important details together in one planner—no file compatibility issues to worry about.

10. Your planner does not come with alert sounds. Those exhausting, never-ending, pings, dings, and rings that evade your life every minute of every day are non-existent when you use a paper planner.

11. At the end of a year, you get to start again, with new refills, a new cover, and a fresh start on a new, uncluttered, and uncomplicated year.

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