Five Creativity Hacks for National Anti-Boredom Month

Jul 19

July is National Anti-Boredom Month. You probably already have plans to celebrate. After all, no matter what part of the country you live in, the month of July offers limitless possibilities to get out, get active, and be anything other than bored. Still, if you’ve jumped off every rope swing, tasted every ice cream flavor, and maximized every possible minute of the summer sun, and are still looking for ways to avoid the pangs of boredom this month, we have five creative hacks to help you avoid the doldrums, and honor the month of July.


1. Learn to Create Ombre Calligraphy. If you’ve mastered the basics of calligraphy, we think it’s time you took your skills from intermediary, to master. Ombre calligraphy adds a depth of color and an ethereal feel to any creative project. Click here for our beginner’s guide to creating ombre calligraphy.

2. Learn to Write Calligraphy with a Fountain Pen. If you like the idea of ombre calligraphy, but have not yet fully immersed yourself in the creative pastime of calligraphy, try practicing some basic lettering styles to start getting comfortable with the technique. All you need to get started is a fountain pen and a notebook. This blog will help you get started.

3. Master Your Shading and Highlighting Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques. What better way to avoid boredom than to take on a new challenge. We think you have the potential to create some truly exceptional colored pencil drawings. To help you succeed, read this blog to learn the necessary techniques for creating exceptional shadows and highlights with your colored pencils.

4. Learn to Create Pen and Ink and Watercolor Washes. Mixing mediums is a creative and fun way to push the limits of your artistic talent. Watercolor and pen and ink have been used in combination for decades because of their ability to compliment one another’s natural properties. Delicate watercolor paint can be expertly restrained and accented with the proper use of precise fountain pen ink. This blog will teach you how to do it.

5. Learn to Write with an Oblique Calligraphy Pen. You may be comfortable with your current set of fountain or calligraphy pens, but in honor of National Anti-Boredom Month, we think you should challenge yourself to master a new tool that can help you produce even more exceptional calligraphy designs. Click here for a basic guide to getting started.

Remember, National Anti-Boredom Month was designed to ensure you are maximizing the dog days of summer and taking advantage of every minute of daylight. No matter what creative pastime you enjoy, whether it’s writing, drawing, watercolor, or calligraphy, take the opportunity to challenge yourself to experience something new. Who knows? It may just become your new favorite fall pastime.

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