Five Tips for Writing Every Day

Apr 01

Whether your goal is to write for enjoyment, to improve your writing, or to draft the next great American novel, making a commitment to writing every day can provide the consistent structure and motivation you need to meet your goals. If you’re already feeling like the idea of writing every day is daunting, know that it doesn’t have to be. Follow our five tips below to make writing a daily habit.

1.Write at the same time every day. Find a designated time every day that fits your schedule, and allows you to focus on writing when you can be uninterrupted and feeling the most creative. It could be first thing in the morning before anyone in your house is awake, or at the end of the day before bed as you reflect on the day. Finding a consistent time will allow your new writing habit to become part of your daily schedule. 

2. Write for as much, or as little time as you want and need.Remember, your goal is to write every day. It’s about consistency, not quantity. Don’t force yourself to commit to writing a specific number of pages. If your thoughts come out on five pages? Perfect. If they come out on 20? That’s also perfect. Either way, you’ve met your goal.
3. Write on paper, not on a computer. Write whenever you’re inspired to write, even if it’s only for five minutes. Inspiration may notalways strike when you have easy access to your desktop computer. Choose a high quality, easily portable notebook that you can carry with you wherever you go. We recommend an A6 sized notebook for greatest convenience, such as the Leuchtturm 1917 A6 softcover notebook.
4. Turn off any distractions. If your cell phone, computer, television, or other digital device poses a distraction every time you receive a new alert or notification, turn it off, or write in another room. Another benefit of writing in a notebook, rather than on an Internet-enabled computer or tablet, is that your notebook won’t ping, ding, or tell you that “you’ve got mail.”

5. Write with a fountain pen. To truly make writing every day a habit, you need to make it an enjoyable experience. Fountain pens enableplatinum-preppy-red-extra-finecomfortable writing, allowing the ink to glide across the page, and reducing hand fatigue and cramping. If you’re new to fountain pens, a greater pen for starters is the Platinum Preppy. If you’re inspired by color, choose a Preppy in blue black, green, pink, or red. The ink inside matches the color of the cap and nib—a beautiful touch.

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