Gift Ideas for Wife Appreciation Day

Gift Ideas for Wife Appreciation Day
Sep 17

She’s your rock. Your companion. She helps you manage your household when she’s not running the boardroom. On September 17, we celebrate Wife Appreciation Day in order to recognize the wives who support us, love us, and make our worlds brighter, more wonderful places. Say thank you this year with a gift that shows her just how special she is to you.

For the Woman Who Journals Before Bed

If your wife is the type of woman who likes to reflect on each day, set goals

Leuchttrum 1917 notebook purple gift ideas , and document the special moments in your lives together in a nightly journal, give her a high-quality, vibrantly colored journal she'll appreciate. We recommend a Leuchtturm 1917 in a beautiful color, like berry, royal blue, anthracite, or emerald. These hardcover notebooks are designed in Germany and offer the convenience of numbered pages and bleed-proof, acid-free paper. Each notebook is made with the highest quality materials and includes an easy-to-wash hardcover. They’re thread-bound and open flat for easy, nighttime notetaking.

For the Woman Who is a Corporate Dynamo

If your wife is a leader at her office, a successful sales executive always on the road and closing deals, or an enterprising business owner, then she needs to be equipped with the types of stationery supplies worthy of her success. We recommend a high-quality fountain pen to help her make a lasting first impression while she’s signing deals and approving contracts. Give her the gift of a LAMY Safari Fountain Pen. This lightweight and functional pen shines with a sleek design and can stand up to all her hours of travel thanks to its sturdy ABS plastic. Its unique design features a flexible brass wire clip and comfort molded grip section.

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen Gift Ideas




For the Woman Who Is Always On-the-Go

Is your wife the type of woman who is always moving from one social engagement, work commitment, or volunteer session to another? If you’re married to a driven go-getter with a packed calendar, help her manage her time with a high-quality daily planner. We recommend the Quo Vadis Texas Notor Daily Planner. It’s conveniently sized to be inserted into a briefcase or purse and includes individual pages for each day. With white, 64g paper, it’s as tough and durable as she is and will last no matter how hectic her days are.

Quo Vadis Daily Planner Gift Ideas







For the Woman Who Appreciates the All the Finest Things

If your wife already has a favorite fountain pen, give her a beautiful bottle of fountain pen ink that she can enjoy all year long. We recommend a J. Herbin Anniversary Ink “1670” Gift Box with dark red ink. This exquisite ink set was designed to celebrate the 340th anniversary of J. Herbin. The dark red

J. Herbin Anniversary ink Dark Red Gift Ideasink is a vibrant, earthy, rich red color, reminiscent of the historic color of the Herbin logo. This intense deep dye ink will bring brightness and elegance to your wife’s personal correspondence. The bottle is adorned with a hand-dipped red wax seal cap and a gold wax seal “1670” on the bottle. It comes in a beautiful gift box and is the perfect special occasion gift.

Looking for even more ideas to show your wife you appreciate her? Shop our complete line of stationery products online.

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