How to Keep Your Art Supplies Organized and in Top Shape

How to Keep Your Art Supplies Organized and in Top Shape
Nov 10

Are you a fanatical collector of art supplies? Do you sometimes visit your neighborhood craft store or browse our online catalog for hours just thinking about all the beautiful pieces you could create with a new set of colored pencils, fineliners, a sturdy notebook, and a quality fountain pen? Do you feel the need to buy fresh, brand new boxes of never-been-used, freshly sharpened pencils, vibrant markers, and pristine pastels—just for the sake of calling them yours? When you’re a passionate artist, the idea of continually refreshing supplies and adding to your permanent staples can feel like a constant quest.


With so many beautiful, innovative products available, how can one not want to own the highest quality tools to ensure they have the ideal supplies on hand for their next masterpiece? If you have a stockpile of artistic supplies at home, the only question that remains is how you should store them to keep them safe, clean, and in proper working order? Merely dumping them in a drawer will not do. We’ve compiled a list of tips from professional artists and hobbyists on the best ways to safely store your collection of pencils, pens, pastels, inks, and everything in between.


Stay Organized with an Art Tool Box

You may have a dedicated room or office where you create your artistic works, or you may be a mobile artist who likes to take his sketching on the go in search of new muses. Either way, an art tool box offers neat organization and convenient mobility. Our recommendation is to keep your most frequently used supplies in the Heritage Art Small Art Tool Box. It provides:

  • Smart organization and easy access to often used supplies.
  • A carry handle and sturdy latch, so you don’t have to worry about the dreaded contents-spill.
  • A lift-out tray with four fixed compartments and convenient carry handle.
  • A central storage compartment sized at 9’’ x 4 ½’’, making it ideal for brushes, pencils, paints, and much more.
  • A sturdy plastic exterior so even if the Heritage Art Smart Art Tool Box gets bumped around the floorboards of your car, you won’t have to worry about the tips of your freshly sharpened pencils becoming broken or dull.


Protect and Preserve Your Fountain Pens and Inks

If your creative portfolio is reliant upon quick access to your favorite fountain pen and quality fountain pen ink, then you have to make sure you are protecting both in between sessions and keeping them in proper working order for use at a moment’s notice. Click here for fountain pen care tips, click here for the do not's of fountain pen maintenance, and click here for tips on maximizing the shelf life of your fountain pen ink.


Create Your Own Marker Organization Stand

If you have dozens of markers—in each colorconsider converting an inexpensive tabletop wine rack into a color-coded, easy-access marker storage solution. Simply put clear plastic cups in the wine bottle holders, and store your markers in each of the compartments to your preference. You can color code them by brand, color, thickness, or personal favorites.


Store Paint Brushes with the Bristles Facing Up

A large cup, bowl, or vase may be needed to store all your brushes together. Be sure to store brushes with the bristles facing up so that they have access to the air and can dry out when not in use. Avoid storing them in a messy pile in a dark, closed drawer. Otherwise, they may still be damp and mucky the next time you go to pull one out.


Use Stackable Office Bins to Store Notebooks

Rather than stuffing your artist notebooks and inspiration journals on a crowded bookshelf or in a drawer (or worse, the bottom of your closet) keep them all in one place using a system and hierarchy that works for you. Include your empty and full sketchbooks, notebooks, journals, and scrapbooks. This way, they’ll be easily accessible in case you ever need to pull one out for reference or inspiration.


If you’re feeling a renewed sense of artistic organization, it’s time to restock your supplies and fill all those new organizational spaces you’ve just created. Get started here.

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