How to Remove Fountain Pen Ink from Your Hands

May 12

Ink spills happen. Even for the most experienced, and careful fountain pen users. If you’re looking for tips on how to remove fountain pen ink stains from a wooden desk, click here to read our previous blog. If it’s clothing or fabric that has been inked, click here for more cleaning tips. However, if it’s your hands, palms, and fingertips that are proof of your favorite pastime, read on for advice on removing fountain pen ink from your hands.


Home-DIY Solutions

Soap and Water

Depending on the ink, and how long the stain has set, if you’re persistent and can withstand some consistent scrubbing, you may be able to remove much the stain using soap and water. Use an abrasive sponge or a pumice stone to add some grit to your efforts. Lava soap, which is naturally abrasive, is another option. 


Consider a product that uses borax to clean your skin. Borax Decahydrate is incorporated in many cleaning products to aid in the emulsification of oils. This gentle abrasive is often added to powdered hand soaps as it can help remove the toughest dirt and grime, yet remains gentle to the skin. Test a small amount of any products that includes borax on your skin before proceeding to scrub any ink stains with the product. Some individuals do experience sensitivity or irritation when they come in contact with borax. If you have any concerns about how your body may react to the product, choose an alternative solution.

Retail Products

If you’re more comfortable purchasing a retail product specially designed to remove ink stains, we have included a short list of options below. As always, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the product.

Ink Nix

This product will gently clean fountain pen ink off your hands. Note it is intended for use on hands only. To use, run a small amount of the product on hands. After 30 to 60 seconds, when it appears the ink is beginning to dissolve, add a few drops of water. Continue rubbing and adding water as needed until no sign of ink remains.


This retail product is designed to remove paints and dyes off hands and arms. Rub a small amount into skin gently, and continue to massage the area until the ink stain has lifted. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water when finished.


Amodex is the only ink stain remover recommended by the SHARPIE marker company. To use, apply a small amount to the ink stain on skin, and scrub with a toothbrush until the stain has lifted. Rinse with warm water when complete.

Remember when cleaning ink stains, to always work over a disposable towel or washcloth as your surface. As ink leaves your skin, it could stain fabric or other surfaces with which it comes in contact.

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