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Apr 06

We believe in tangible communications and the handwritten word. Still, we understand that sometimes you want to share your creations online, on social, and on demand. To help you digitize your handcrafted creations, Leuchtturm, the makers of some of the world’s highest quality notebooks, have partnered with Whitelines Link, giving you the Leuchtturm 1917 Master Academy Pad. This unique notebook lays the foundation for you to share your sketches and writing using the Whitelines Link mobile application.


The Leuchttrum 1917 Master Academy Pad

Designed in Germany, the black hardcover Master Academy Pad by Leuchtturm1917Leuchtturm_1917_Master_Academy_Pad_Whitelines_Linkmeasures 9 by 12.5 inches and features 60 sheets of white dotted light gray paper. Sketch, draw, and take notes using your Leuchttrum 1917 Master Academy Pad, but forget traditional scanners that pick up notebook dots, or tiny imperfections. By using the Whitelines Link smart phone app, you can easily capture images from your notebook pages and turn them into digital images.

Whitelines Link’s technology ensures your images are captured with no interference between the background and pen color. All you’re left with is crisp, clean images of your notes, drawings, sketches, ideas, and creations. The Whitelines Link app uses automatic capture, making it intuitive and user friendly.

With your Leuchtturm 1917 Master Academy Pad and Whitelines Link, you don’t need to worry about individual page captures varying in lighting, clarity, or tone. Instead of forcing a camera to capture a random picture, the Whitelines Link paper “tells” the app to capture a note when the optical conditions are good enough. As a result, every note will have the same quality regardless of the exact conditions or setting.

Imagine all the ways you can use your Leuchtturm 1917 Academy Pad:

  • Digitize handwritten notes without the guides. Share with colleagues and business partners.
  • Save digital records of class notes when notebook storage space is limited.
  • Create images of your calligraphy without seeing dots.
  • Sketch drawings and ideas, capture images using Whitelines Link, and share immediately from your smart phone via social media.
  • Share images of your drawings, prose, and poetry on your personal portfolio website—no need to spend time scanning and optimizing individual pages.

Additional Features of the Leuchttrum 1917 Master Academy Pad

  • All notebook sheets are removable
  • Orange elastic enclosure band
  • Ink-proof paper (100 g/sgm)
  • Sticker for labelling and archiving
  • Four rounded corners
  • Gusseted pocket
  • Available in size A4 and A5

If you’re ready to quickly and conveniently digitize your creations, click here to purchase your Leuchttrum 1917 Master Academy Pad notebook.

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