Seven Reasons to Love Uni-Ball Vision Rollerball Pens

Seven Reasons to Love Uni-Ball Vision Rollerball Pens
Dec 11

When you want the comfort of a smooth gliding writing experience, and the convenience of an all-in-one, low-cost writing implement, nothing compares to a Uni-Ball rollerball pen. With Uni-Ball pens, you get the look of dense, glossy ink in deep, opaque colors, and a pen you can trust not to skip, leak, blot, or scratch the surface of your writing paper. For all these reasons and more, we love writing with a Uni-Ball Vision Rollerball pen. Here are seven of those reasons, along with a link to order your box of Uni-Ball Vision pens today.



  1. The Comfort of Smoothly Gliding Ink. Uni-Ball Vision pens are ideal for lengthy correspondence, taking copious notes during business meetings, and writing messages on dozens of holiday cards. The water-based ink in rollerball pens is thinner and flows more easily out of the pen. That means less pressure on your hand, and no need to scribble in a margin to re-start the ink flow.


  1. Rich Ink Saturation for Visual Appeal. When your words need to make a statement, a lightly pigmented ink just will not suffice. When you sign contracts, write reminders, or send thank you notes using a Uni-Ball pen, your words speak loud and clear from the page, allowing you to make a bold impression.


  1. The Uni-Ball Vision Communicates Back to You. There is nothing as frustrating as sitting in a meeting, taking notes, when suddenly and without warning, your pen runs out of ink. When this happens, you’re suddenly the unprepared team member who has to ask the person sitting next to them if they brought a spare pen. With the Uni-Ball Vision, the pen’s convenient window situated in its barrel lets you see how much or how little ink you have left, so you’re never unprepared without a backup Uni-Ball.


  1. The Uni-Ball Vision Excels at 30,000 Feet. We love fountain pens, but they don’t make the best travel companions. With the Uni-Ball Vision, however, you can start drafting your next great manuscript while seated at the airport gate, continue up in the air at cruising altitude, and then finish in the evening sitting comfortably in your hotel room. With Uni-Ball, you never need to worry about a leak. That sleek, velvety ink is kept securely in its well-designed barrel.


  1. The Perfect Pen for Doodling. Admit it: Not every presentation is engaging enough to hold your attention. Sometimes, to keep yourself from nodding off, you need a creative outlet. That's why so many of us find ourselves doodling, drawing, and sketching up the margins of our notebooks, in the corners of the meeting agenda, in the notes section of our daily planners, and even on the back of our printed presentation slides. Uni-Ball ink is vibrant and dense and flows so smoothly you don’t have to scribble madly to fill in the shapes you’ve outlined. So doodle away with your Uni-Ball. Just don’t get caught by your boss.


  1. It’s the Next Best Choice to a Fountain Pen. There is no comparison to the comfort, quality, or versatility of a fountain pen. For those times, however, when you’re not able to carry pen and ink with you, in a pinch, a Uni-Ball Vision pen will give you the closest results. Uni-Ball pens lay down a thick bead of wet ink, and are designed with a comfort grip for hours of drafting, writing, and sketching.


  1. The Ideal Choice When Time is of the Essence. Uni-Ball Vision pens are so comfortable, and their ink glides so smoothly without force, hand tension, or the need to scribble or shake to re-start the ink, that they are the perfect pen when your notetaking has to be fast. For restaurant servers, business professionals, students, teachers, doctors, and other professionals that need to jot a quick note or transcribe lengthy discussions, a Uni-Ball Vision Pen won’t let you down.


If you’re ready to add a Uni-Ball Vision pen to your stationery collection, click here to shop online today.


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