Should You Consider a Retractable Fountain Pen?

Should You Consider a Retractable Fountain Pen?
Jul 21

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If you’re someone who wants to benefit from the style and high quality of a fountain pen, but needs the convenience of something functional and portable, you may want to consider investing in a fountain pen with a retractable nib. The first retractable fountain pen that entered the market in 1964 incorporated a twist-action feature to extend and retract the fountain pen nib tip. Today, most retractable fountain pens operate at the push of a button. While not the least expensive option on the market, these devices offer the perfect compromise between flair and feature.


Retractable fountain pens offer several advantages that make them easy to use and travel with:

Cap-less Safe Storage

The ability to retract your fountain pen nib for safe storage in between uses means there is no need for a cap. With one less component to keep track of, a retractable fountain pen makes a great choices for busy business travelers, students, and artists who like to sketch and draw from a variety of locations.


One-Hand Operation

Most retractable fountain pens work with the push of a button, which releases the nib for use. The single button means you can engage your pen with one hand, making it convenient for quick note taking no matter where you are. Other retractable fountain pen options trigger the nib with a simple two-handed twisting motion.


Nib Protection

When your writing or sketching is complete, click the button again and the nib retracts safely inside the casing of the pen, keeping it safe and secure. Fountain pen aficionados know that nib damage is a hazard of fountain pen use. Retractable pens offer a built-in solution to keep your nib from being damaged when not in use.


Pocket Clips to Prevent Ink Leakage

Many retractable fountain pen brands include a stationery pocket clip near the nib end of the pen, which allows you to clip the pen to your shirt with the nib facing upward, helping to limit the risk of ink leaks and accidents.


Nib Variety

Choosing a retractable fountain pen does not mean you have to compromise on the type of nib you prefer. Most retractable fountain pens can still be selected in extra fine, fine, medium, or broad nib styles.


Filling System Variety

You can choose a retractable fountain pen with either a converter ink filling system, or one that utilizes cartridges, depending on your ink preferences.


If you’re looking for a fountain pen that perfectly blends functionality and style, or if you lead a busy lifestyle and need a fountain pen that can withstand the rigors of the road, but still want some selection over your pen’s features, a retractable pen may be the right choice for you. We recommend testing a few brands of retractable fountain pens that offer a variety of features to determine which one is right for you.

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