Six Tips to Make the Most of National Craft Month

Six Tips to Make the Most of National Craft Month
Mar 05

It’s March, and it’s time to get creative and crafty because it's National Craft Month. The Craft & Hobby Association established National Craft Month in 1994 with a goal of allowing people to rediscover their inner creativity and discover the wide variety of crafts, tools, and techniques that can expand their knowledge and skills. Over the years, National Craft Month has grown, with retailers and manufacturers across the nation celebrating this significant holiday. To help you expand your appreciation for the limitless possibilities of crafts, here are six tips to help you make the most of National Craft Month.


Make a Commitment to Craft Every Day

31 days in March means 31 opportunities to get crafty, challenge yourself, and push the limits of your skills. Even if you only spend five minutes per day, you will be embracing the spirit of National Craft Month. Whether every day you work on one massive project like a mixed-media canvas or you start from scratch on a new project each day, like a new, intricate origami sculpture, the most important thing is that you make the time to be inspired.


Take a Class

Check with local area schools, retailers, and community programs for an art or craft class that will challenge you. If you already consider yourself a capable oil painter, sign up for an advanced portrait class. If your craft of choice is jewelry-making, try yourself to something you’ve never experienced before, like sculpting.


Teach the Next Generation

Inspire the children in your life to get off their devices and get their hands dirty. Spend time with a child teaching him or her about the crafts that fuel your imagination, or just give them the time, space, and supplies to let them find their inner artist.


Treat Yourself to New, High-Quality Products

One of the best ways to celebrate National Craft Month is to completely indulge in your passion. You likely already have a stockpile of supplies at home, but it’s National Craft Month, so go ahead and treat yourself. Pick up a set of high-quality colored pencils or a limited run of special edition fountain pen ink.


Stock Up on Paper

If your craft of choice involves scrapbooking, watercolor, colored pencil drawing, sketching, or anything else that challenges the white blank page stock up. It’s going to be a long month of creativity. Shop here.


Inspire Others

National Craft Month is meant to share. Don’t keep all the fun to yourself. Invite a friend to a crafting class, teach a family member to crochet, or take photos of your craft projects and post them on social media, using the hashtag #nationalcraftmonth. Share with us too using @notedian.


Be sure to stock up on supplies for National Craft Month so your motivation and creativity will never suffer from an inability to build something outstanding.

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