Six Tips to Starting Your Own Fountain Pen Collection

Six Tips to Starting Your Own Fountain Pen Collection
Oct 08


You love the sophistication and functionality of fountain pens, and you’re ready to go from dedicated fan to connoisseur collector. There is great interest in fountain pen collection around the world. With brands, designers, and styles adored the world over; limited editions; and models that date back over a hundred years, fountain pen collecting can become an involved, multifaceted hobby. No matter the foundation of your interests, if you desire your own fountain pen collection, you’ll need to decide how to begin. What follows are our six tips to starting your own fountain pen collection.


Do your research.

Some well-respected authors have published books offering in-depth guidance for fountain pen collectors. Before you make your first collection purchase, consider the advice of experts in the fountain pen collection industry. A glossary, or encyclopedia will be a valuable reference for you as well.


Determine your budget.

Just like with all collectables, there are fountain pens on the market that sell for tens of thousands of dollar, and up. Some of the most expensive pens are vintage, while others are modern limited editions. Decide how much you want to invest annually in your collection. Having a budget will help you make selections when searching for, and locating, potential fountain pens for your collection.


Refine your interests.

Your preference or passion for a certain type of fountain pen may already be driving your desire for a collection. Otherwise, you’ll need to decide what types of pens you want to collect. You may be fascinated by vintage pens from the last century. Perhaps you are a Platinum pen enthusiast and your goal is to collect one of every Platinum style on the market. Perhaps your tastes are more singular and you only desire fountain pens with gold nibs or jeweled bodies. Regardless of your interests, narrowing your search, even slightly, will help you to focus your initial collection goals.


Start you search.

If your goal is to purchase vintage fountain pens, know that there are a variety of retailers in the market. Start by visiting retail stores in your community. If you’re going to invest in a vintage fountain pen, you’re likely going to want to see it in person to be sure it is worthy of a spot in your collection. If you do search online, be sure to buy from reputable online retailers only, especially if you’re going to make a big ticket purchase. Remember, if an online deal seems too good to be true, you’re right to question the legitimacy of the offer.


Remember you don’t always need to pay more for a bigger fountain pen.

You likely already know that larger fountain pens generally cost more than smaller pens. If you’re going to start a vintage collection, however, know that older pens are typically smaller and lighter than what you’d find on the market today. Keep this in mind when cost comparing modern and vintage models.


Invest in the models that appeal to you the most.

If in your searching you find a fountain pen that you absolutely must have, even if it doesn’t align with your overall collection strategy, indulge yourself. Collections are meant to be personal and reflect the tastes and desires of their collectors. If a specific fountain pens calls to you, and it’s within your budget, go ahead and buy it.

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