Stationery Solutions in Honor of Left-Handers Day

Aug 13

August 13 marks the 28th annual Left-Handers Day. This unofficial holiday allows us to pause and acknowledge the brave 10 percent of the population that set forth every day as a lefty in a righty’s world. Today we celebrate our lefty companions by curating a list of tips, tricks, and stationery solutions that are best-suited for the lefties in our lives.


Left-Handers Day was established in 1992 by The Left-Hander’s Club, an organization founded in 1990 that aims to unite left handed members of the community; make their views known to manufacturers; provide help, support, and advice to one another; and promote research and development of additional left handed products. Since its inception, Left-Handers Day has served as an annual event that aims to raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed, and celebrate lefties everywhere. Thanks to the efforts of the Left-Handed Club, and worldwide Left-Hander Day events, progress has been made in improving product designs and ensuring greater consideration is given to lefties when developing new products and devices.

Stationery Solutions for Lefties


An issue that commonly plagues lefties is the dreaded smear or smudge of ink orRhodia_R_Premium_Stapled_Notepad_Black_Lined copy.img graphite as they move their hand from left to right while drawing or writing. To minimize the risk of fountain pen ink smear, left-handed writers should consider a thicker, more absorbent paper, which will help the ink to dry more quickly. Rhodia and Leuchtturm1917 both offer fast drying notebook paper options.

Also, if you’re a lefty who looks at left-sided spiral bound notebooks with disdain, ditch the traditional spiral and choose a top-bound, cloth wrapped notebook. We recommend the Rhodia “R” Premium Stabled Notepad.

Oblique Calligraphy Pens

Many left-handed calligraphers prefer using an oblique calligraphy pen, as it allows them to more easily achieve the desired right-hand slant. Click here to learn more about the benefits of a left-handed oblique calligraphy pen, and click here for tips on what to look for when searching for an oblique calligraphy pen.

Tips for Lefties


Calligraphy can initially be more difficult to master for lefties because it can be more difficult for them to achieve the natural right-slanted angle that comes so naturally to right-handers. Click here to read our tips for left-handed calligraphers.

Choosing a Fountain Pen

With most stationery and writing tools designed for right-handers, it can be difficult to find comfortable products for continual use. Fortunately, if you enjoy the creativity and sophistication of fountain pens, there are products designed specifically to meet the comfort needs of lefties. Click here to read our advice for choosing a fountain pen if you’re lefty.

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