Stationery Tips to Impress Your College Classmates

Apr 08

You’re likely friends with many of your college classmates, but in reality, you’re also competing for the same highly coveted internships, teaching assistant positions, and possibly even interviews with top employers. No matter how much you like one another, you’re all in a position to prove you are the most mature, responsible, organized, and forward-thinking student and candidate in your class. We may not be able to help you ace your GRE, or nail your internship interview, but we can help you look the part, stay organized, and never miss a key deadline. Read on for the stationery products you need to impress your college classmates, and possible employers.


A Paper (Yes Paper) Planner

The next time your professor mentions a deadline for your class look around. Many of your classmates will be fumbling with their smart phones, trying to quickly navigate through all the necessary screens, settings, and alerts to add the task, assignment, or test to their digital calendar. Will they even remember that the deadline is in there before the one hour reminder goes off? For some, probably not.

You, instead, pull your Quo Vadis planner out of our bag. Sleek and modern, it quo-vadis-club-minister-weekly-planner_Minister_Charcoal_Grey__Weekly_Medelevates your status to a higher plane. You immediately are seen as more mature than a digitally-minded young person. You are a well-organized and responsible young adult who has invested in quality tools to ensure you always have your eye on your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule and assignments. Where digital planners limit future planning and multi-week detailed visibility, nothing beats a full-spread, functional planner to help you remain organized and stress-free.

Quo Vadis Planners are available in weekly, daily, and monthly formats. Choose the style that suits your planning mindset and show-off to everyone in your classroom just how sophisticated and ready-for-the-real-world you are.

Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s with a Fountain Pen

When you arrive for your first job interview, look at the desk of the human resource manager or department manager who is interviewing you. You aren’t
likely to see a pen holder filled with cheap plastic ballpoint pens, or a mismatched selection of pens “borrowed” from hotels. He or she will likely be writing with a high-quality pen—most likely a fountain pen.

Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen, Extra FineFountain pens present an air of professionalism and prestige. Don’t you want your future employer to believe you already have what it takes to be one of them? Don’t wait for your first job interview to run out and buy a fountain pen. Invest in one now and carry it with pride to class with you.

Your teachers and fellow classmates will again see just how ready you are for the
next phase beyond the classroom. Your professionalism may even motivate your classmates to start thinking about their own professional stationery needs.

If you’re wondering where to start with a fountain pen, and aren’t ready to commit to bottle ink refills, we recommend the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen. It is a cost-efficient pen with a professional look. This distinguished and elegant fountain desk pen boasts a gold plated, stainless steel extra-fine nib and an elongated body. Accepting carbon ink cartridges, you can quickly replace your ink without worrying about toting ink bottles to class. Position of prominence: earned.

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