Stay Organized with the Rhodia Accessories Mouse Pad

Stay Organized with the Rhodia Accessories Mouse Pad
Oct 04

If you’re someone who spends a significant amount of time each day on a computer, we wouldn’t be surprised if you told us that your desk is littered with Post-It notes, scraps of paper, and notebooks. For all the conveniences of digital technology, there are times when you simply need to jot a reminder, scribble an idea, or work through a concept—and it can only be done with paper. Unlike digital reminders and pop-up alerts, paper serves as a tangible, constantly visible reminder of those important tasks and to-dos that must be completed each day.

Fortunately, for those required to conduct business in the cloud, but who desire the convenience and touchable presence of paper, Rhodia has devised a product that will allow you to keep your paper notes in one convenient place that will happily coexist with your computer: Meet the Rhodia Accessories Mouse Pad.

The Convenience of Paper to Pair with Daily Computing

Boldly designed with Rhodia’s signature vibrant orange cover, this clever mouse pad serves as a combination mouse pad/notepad. It’s glued at the top, and on the side, ensuring a reliable and sturdy design. Its non-skid backing allows it to sit comfortably and securely on any surface. The top cover offers a smooth surface for your mouse and pen to easily glide over, and its convenient size (7.5 x 9) means you can toss it in your briefcase, backpack, or laptop bag and take it on the go with you, ensuring you never have to worry about working at a café on an uneven mouse surface. Inside the notebook, you get the high-quality, smooth, 80g paper you expect from one of our favorite leading innovators of stationery supplies.

A Variety of Daily Uses

With 30 sheets of graph paper inside, the Rhodia Accessories Mouse Pad is ideal for:

  • Taking notes during conference calls
  • Jotting your daily do to-do lists
  • Working through quick calculations
  • Sketching and drawing quick concepts before translating them on your computer screen
  • Doodling during meetings (come on, we all do it)
  • Creating quick lists, such as your grocery or shopping list
  • Writing down phone numbers and addresses you’ll need to reference
  • Transcribing voicemails
  • And more

If you’re ready to add this convenient notepad and computer accessory to your home or office, click here to shop our online inventory.

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