The Benefits of Fiber Tip Pens

Apr 17

Every artist knows that the tools you use are essential to your craft. The quality of your materials directly impacts the quality of the final product. Every choice you make, from paper, to ink, to drafting surface, is essential to creating a final product that lives up to the vision you have in your mind. For artists who prefer marker-style pens for their medium of choice, fiber tip pens offer control, flexibility, and a wide variety of vibrant colors. If you haven’t yet tried this versatile product, read on to learn the benefits of fiber tip pens.


1. Versatility. Thin fiber tip pens are versatile enough that they can be used for drawing or sketching, or for writing and taking notes. If you’re an artist who’s always on the go and is looking for a single, multi-purpose pen, a fiber tip pen can be the one.

2. Smudge-Proof. Unlike some markers whose ink won’t stay smudge-free on plastic, or certain shiny or slippery materials, a high-quality fiber pen with water-resistant ink will allow you to label and write on a variety of surfaces without worry of smudges or smears. Fiber tip pens dry more quickly than other varieties as well, which also helps to limit the chances of a ruinous smudge.

3. Water-Resistant. Many fiber tip pens use water-resistant ink, which leads to the smudge-proof quality. Water-resistant ink also means less stress for artists who like to sketch outside, or in crowded cafes.

4. Improved Penmanship. Since the ink in a fiber tip pen is dispensed very close to the page, it gives the writer greater control. As a result, many feel their penmanship improves when writing with a fiber tip pen.

5. Limitless Color Possibilities. The right brand of fiber tip pen will offer you seemingly limitless possibilities and varieties of colors. We recommend a set of Stabilo 8830-1 88 Point fiber tip pens. The set comes with 30 beautiful colors.

6. Coloring Convenience. While fiber tip pens are certainly versatile, they particularly excel as a standard coloring tool. Especially for fine artists who are looking for precision, vibrant colors, and a high-quality, streak-free final product, fiber tip pens are a preferable alternative to many other mediums.

Recommended Uses
Fiber tip pens are the ideal choice for the following uses:

  • Letter writing, especially when you want to produce a neat, legible, bold handwriting style
  • Fine line drawing (choose thin fiber tip pens)
  • Daily note taking at school or the office
  • To add fine detail to water color artwork (just make sure you’ve chosen a water-resistant ink pen)

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