The Benefits of Left-Handed Oblique Calligraphy Pens for Lefties

May 19

Oblique calligraphy pens are designed to make it easier and more comfortable to create beautiful, slanted calligraphy. The jutted appendage that holds the nib is designed to create a slant without the need to hold one’s hand and twist one’s wrist to an uncomfortable degree. This, of course, is true for right-handed calligraphers. While lefties—who live in a right-handed world surrounded by a litany of writing supplies designed for right-handed writers—have adapted, and many choose to use a traditional, right-handed oblique calligraphy pen, there are versions of the tool specifically designed for our left-handed counterparts. If you’re a lefty looking for a product designed for you that will help you achieve beautiful calligraphy comfortably, follow our tips below to learn to write with a left-handed oblique calligraphy pen.


One advantage that lefties have in the world of calligraphy, is that the way they typically hold a calligraphy pen or fountain pen, actually naturally enables them to write with the upward, right-sided slant dictated by Copperplate and Spencerian style scrips. Many lefties, whether they are over-hand lefties who hold their wrist above their text so as not to smudge their writing, or underhanded lefties who attempt to avoid smudging by holding their pen below their writing, ultimately have a natural tendency to slant their letters up and to the right as they push their words from left to right. Still, in order to achieve the delicacy and precision of calligraphy—without smudging or smearing their words—lefties need to be particularly careful. This is where the left-handed oblique calligraphy pen adds value.

Certainly, lefties can use a straight calligraphy pen, however it poses a slightly uncomfortable challenge, as to achieve the necessary slant, they must tuck their elbow closer to their body in an awkward manner. With a left-handed oblique calligraphy pen, especially for lefties who write over the line, they can save their shoulders, wrists, and fingers and write with a more comfortable grip. To hold the left-handed oblique calligraphy pen, lefties should hold it the way a right-handed person would, with the nib on the left, pointing to the right.

A note about nibs used with left-handed oblique pen holders. If you are attempting to create Copperplate or Spencerian scripts, you’ll need to use a flexible nib in order to achieve the line variation required for this style, so be sure to choose a flexible nib for your oblique pen holder if this is your style of choice. If you hope to achieve a more italic style, you’ll want a less flexible, stiffer nib.

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