The Big Draw Event

The Big Draw Event
Sep 01


Promoting Drawing as a Universal Language for Learning, Expression, and Invention.

The Big Draw

The creators of The Big Draw Event believe that drawing changes lives, and we agree.  This global event celebrates the universal power of drawing through the sponsorship of thousands of drawing activities that take place in schools, galleries, museums, libraries, heritage sites, village halls, and outdoor spaces across the globe. This year’s Big Draw Festival will take place throughout the whole month of October. Children, students, artists, designers, illustrators, and art aficionados alike, are all encouraged to get inspired and express themselves through the art of drawing. The 2016 event is being called “The STEAM Powered Big Draw Event,” as it will incorporate the importance of Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Math.


Launched in October 2000, The Big Draw Festival aims to encourage us all to go back to the drawing board and find inspiration in the simple creative act of drawing. The event has also broken new ground by stimulating the achievement of two new world records: one for longest drawing in the world, measuring one kilometer, and the second for coordinating the largest number of people drawing simultaneously (over 7,000). Beginning as a single day celebration in the United Kingdom, the worldwide event is now celebrated throughout the entire month of October.


The Fabriano company, the makers of the highly regarded Fabriano Notebooks, have been a long-time supporter of The Big Draw Event, and will continue to coordinate The Big Draw Italy event in 2016. This year’s main event will take place during the weekend of September 10 -11 in Milan, Italy. Activities will be available for children and adults of all ages and experience levels.


If you are reading this blog, you are someone who appreciates the role that paper, pen, and ink will always have in our world, no matter how technology advances. We encourage you to participate in The Big Draw event this October, and even to consider starting your own event. You can register an event online at If you are looking to attend an event, there are plenty to choose from in the United States, including the following:


Art @ Dennos Museum Center

Traverse City, Michigan

October 1


Art @ The Walt Disney Family Museum

San Francisco, CA

October 8


Art @ Boyden Gallery

St. Mary's City, Maryland

St Mary's College of Maryland

September 30 – October 1

October 4 – October 7


Art @ Firehouse Cultural Center

Ruskin, FL 33570

October 1


For more information on The Big Draw or this Year’s “TSTEAM Powered Big Draw Event,” visit


To view Fabriano notebooks available from Notedian, click here.


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