The LAMY AL-star Fountain Pen

The LAMY AL-star Fountain Pen
Oct 06

Where Function Meets Form

The LAMY AL-star fountain pen is a rock star in the world of fountain pens. Designed by famed LAMY designer Wolfgang Fabian, the LAMY AL-star is an ideal selection for those who want a writing instrument that is just as elegant and tasteful as its creative output.

The LAMY AL-star is designed with two distinctive features: a smooth, concave, transparent grip, and a spring-loaded, rounded metal clip. These two modern design features are ideal representations of LAMY’s commitment to a product that excels just as highly in its form as its function. The LAMY AL-star fountain pen is just as comfortable to use as it is effective. Its signature smooth grip offers a comfortable pressure point for those taking copious notes, or doodling for hours. The transparent grip allows users a sneak peek into the inner workings of this well-architected instrument – an added bonus for those fascinated by the functional simplicity of a high quality fountain pen.

The body of the pen is crafted using aluminum. This lightweight, high-tech material was chosen for its exceptional utility properties. The fountain pen’s lightweight exterior allows for hours of use without hand cramping of finger fatiguing – which is essential because the LAMY AL-star will inspire hours of creativity. In addition, the LAMY AL-star’s self-sprung metal pocket clip allows for the convenience of all day access but with a design that is sleek and chic for today’s modern artist who is looking to stand out in the boardroom or the classroom.

The LAMY-AL-star comes in a variety of colors, including, black purple, graphite, oceanblue, and bluegreen. Each signature color guarantees you will stand out as a true proprietor of high quality artistic instruments, no matter where you go.

LAMY AL-star fountain pen graphite

LAMY AL-star fountain pen ocean blue

LAMY AL-star fountain pen black purple

LAMY AL-star fountain pen bluegreen

Now let’s talk nibs.

Creating delicate drawings or poetic prose? We recommend an extra fine nib. Looking to make a statement that is refined by resolite? Opt for a fine nib. Want to make your drawings and sketches come alive with all of the varying complexities you can imagine? We suggest a medium nib.

If you’ve chosen a LAMY AL-star fountain pen, remember to keep it in exceptional working order with routine cleanings and maintenance. Remember to also use high quality ink for the best results, no matter your project. We recommend J. Herbin or Noodler’s Inks in a wide variety of colors and styles.

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