The Stationery Supplies You Need to Impress at Your Next Meeting

Mar 18

First impressions mean a lot, especially in business. When you meet a new client, a prospect, a potential employer, or even a colleague, you want to present your best. That means being prepared with smart insights, dressing professionally, and bringing stationery supplies that prove you mean business. We have your three stationery must-haves for your next business meeting that are sure to impress, and set you up for success.


A Sophisticated Notebook

If your meeting begins and you have to turn to the person sitting next to you and ask to borrow a sheet of paper, it immediately tells everyone in the room you’re not prepared. At the same time, if you simply pull from your bag a single, crinkled sheet of loose scrap paper, your colleagues will wonder about the quality of your work. Instead, demonstrate that you are sophisticated, professional, and organized by utilizing a sleek, sturdy notebook with high quality paper.

Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks offer just the kind of savvy, detail-oriented appearance you Leuchtturn1917_Black_Hardcover_Linedneed. These notebooks prove that you’re organized with their numbered pages and blank table of contents. Use the included stickers to label the cover and spine to demonstrate your attention to detail. Their hard covers protect the high-quality paper inside, while their threaded-bindings allow them to open flat for comfort during long meetings. When you’re done taking notes, wrap the elastic closure around your notebook to show that you never miss an assignment or forget a key takeaway.

A Classy Fountain Pen

A cheap, disposable, plastic ballpoint pen will never do when meeting with colleagues that you want to take you seriously. Show them that you value high quality products and solutions, and that you care how your work is perceived by others. Fountain pens have earned a reputation as being the writing implement of choice among sophisticated creatives and strategic thinkers who value quality over convenience.

Choose a LAMY CP1 fountain pen in matte black. Not only will its sleek, modern design prove you appreciate and value high quality solutions, your correspondence will be taken seriously too when you write with the CP1’s stainless steel, polished, extra fine nib.LAMY_cp1_Fountain_Pen

Before your meeting, fill your LAMY CP1with J. Herbin Anniversary Ink in Stormyj_herbin_stormy_gray_anniversary_ink
. The fine golden flecks in the ink will be the envy of every colleague writing with a plastic pen they borrowed from their hotel room.


A Structured Planner

When your colleague says, “Let’s meet on that next week,” or, “Can you get that report to me next Tuesday?” how do you prove you’re organized, detail-oriented, and trustworthy? By swiping and tapping through multiple screens and apps on your smart phone? Save time, effort, and prove your reliability by simply referring to your classic day planner.

Never to be replaced by digital, Quo Vadis planners are still a leader for organized business professionals. The Quo Vadis Club Minister Weekly Planner gives you enough space to keep detailed notes for every day, so you can confirm a lunch date, schedule your deadlines, and check your follow-ups off your to-do list from a single page. No need to charge your battery first.


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