Tips for Writing with an Oblique Calligraphy Pen

May 03

Have you ever tried writing with an oblique calligraphy pen? If the shape and form of this tool has deterred you from experimenting with it, know that its seemingly unusual design and angled nib appendage is actually intended to make it easier and more comfortable for you to create beautiful calligraphy. The protruding flange actually allows you to create an angled style that would be difficult for you to achieve otherwise. If you’re ready to finally give it a try, we’ve got your oblique calligraphy pen writing tips and best practices.


How to Hold an Oblique Calligraphy Pen

Your first step to successfully using an oblique calligraphy pen is easier than you think. You will be relieved to know that you hold an oblique pen the same way you hold a pen or pencil. Oblique calligraphy pens are designed to let you write with your regular posture, but achieve an ideal slanted angle. For a right-handed calligrapher, you can angle your hand to the left as you would when writing notes with a pen or pencil, which angles the nib to the right, making it possible to achieve right-leaning Kaitlin Style calligraphy without contorting your arm, wrist, or upper body.

How to Write with an Oblique Calligraphy Pen

You’ll also be relieved to know that you write with an oblique calligraphy pen the same way you write with a straight calligraphy pen. You don’t need to reshape your letters or change the direction of your strokes. You also don’t need to change how far you dip the nib into your calligraphy ink. Only ¼’’ of the oblique nib should be dipped in your J. Herbin or Noodler’s ink for best results.

Also know that the way in which you apply pressure doesn’t need to change either. By applying more pressure on your down strokes, and less on your up strokes, you’ll be able to create lines, loops, and letters of varying widths and interesting, refined patterns.

A Note for Lefties

It’s important to note that while straight calligraphy pens are intended for both righties and lefties, oblique calligraphy pens can be found that are suited to either right or left-handed writers. Left-handed individuals have had to adapt their style for using all sorts of every day tools, from notebooks, to scissors to coffee mugs. While some lefties enjoy right-handed oblique pens and others prefer straight calligraphy pens, if you’re a lefty, you may want to experiment with a left-handed oblique calligraphy pen.

For lefties to achieve an ideal calligraphy slant with a straight pen, most need to move the pen away from their bodies, or tuck their elbow in awkwardly close to their body. By using an oblique calligraphy pen however, lefties don’t need to reposition their hands or their upper body, offering a more comfortable writing posture, especially for longer calligraphy sessions.

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