To Dot? Or Not to Dot?

To Dot? Or Not to Dot?
Jul 15

The Benefits of Drafting Dots


Benefits of Drafting Dots

If you are an architect or an engineer, you understand the importance of absolute precision. You also know that the thought of a sliding paper can be detrimental to your finished product. One of the best ways to accomplish creative perfection in drafting and blueprint design is through the use of drafting dots. These tiny, sticky helpers temporarily adhere drafting paper to your drawing board or drafting table and offer a convenient and easy alternative to drafting tape, which can be cumbersome to apply and has the potential to damage your finished product. If you’re looking to take your drawings and blueprints to the next level, consider investing in a box of drafting dots.


If you have ever attempted to use drafting tape, you know that while it offers a long stretch of adhesive, the corners of the tape can easily snag, damaging your project. Drafting tape is also generally not reusable, making it a less convenient investment. Drafting dots are also faster to apply, and can easily be dispensed and affixed with one hand, while holding your blueprints or schematics in place with your other hand.


Most brands of drafting dots are self-adhesive. We recommend Alvin Drafting Dots by Alvin and Company. Alvin Drafting dots are easy to dispense and repositionable. Unlike drafting tape, drafting dots do not need to be ripped or cut with each use. For this reason, drafting dots speed your ability to maximize your project time. Available with a convenient pull-tab dispenser, a box of Alvin Drafting Dots contains 500 drafting dots, each at the ideal size of 7/8" in diameter. Alvin and Company is the industry leader in drafting dots and is used most consistently by architects, engineers, and artists. Alvin Drafting Dots are sticky enough to hold your drawing, blueprints, or schematics down to your writing surface, but not so sticky that they risk ruining your creative project when you go to remove them.

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