What Makes Rhodia Paper So Unique?

What Makes Rhodia Paper So Unique?
Jun 26

Rhodia notebooks, with their signature orange covers and variety of paper styles, have earned a dedicated following. Consistent users swear it is the quality of the Rhodia notebook paper that makes them unique and incomparable. We set out to learn what it is about Rhodia paper that makes it so ideal for sketchers, writers, artists, and everyone in between.


Smooth Surface

All Rhodia notebooks are made with Clairefontaine paper. While Rhodia’s various products each use a slight variation on the Clairefontaine base, it is the high quality of the Clairefontaine paper that sets Rhodia’s notebooks apart. Clairefontaine paper is characterized as being exceptionally smooth. The fine paper fibers allow for a sleek writing surface. For those who prefer to write with a fountain pen, the smooth surface of Clairefontaine paper means you don’t have to worry about your pen nib snagging, or scratching the paper. Do keep in mind, however, that the sleek surface of the Clairefontaine paper will require a longer drying time for your fountain pen ink.



One of the ingredients in Clairefontaine paper is vellum. Traditionally, vellum is a term used to describe fine parchment made originally from the skin of a calf. Today, however, Rhodia’s Clairefontaine paper is made with “modern vellum,” which is produced using sustainable forest and wood by-products. The use of vellum is essential to producing the smooth surface of the Clairefontaine paper. While some vellum papers are heavy and others are thin and transparent, regardless of the thickness of the paper, you can count on a smooth, even writing surface, and a sustainable, responsibly-sourced product with Rhodia’s Clairefontaine paper.


Variety of Styles

Rhodia notebooks come in a variety of styles. Whether you are a writer, calligrapher, artist, or are using your Rhodia notebook to take personal or business notes, you can choose from lines, grids, dots, or clean blank pages. All Rhodia grid and line paper is available in either 5mm or 7mm spacing to accommodate different handwriting styles and preferences.


Line Colors

The lines and grids in most Rhodia notebooks are a light violet color. They provide accurate guidance without appearing too harsh to your eyes, or without adding distractions to your sketches or prose. You can also choose from Rhodia’s line of dot pad notebooks with light grey ink.


Dynamic Covers

When you carry a notebook everywhere you go, the overall look of the notebook becomes an extension of your personal style. While Rhodia’s traditional orange and black cover is a signature of the popular brand, Rhodia notebooks are available in a variety of hard and soft covers, and colors, including Silver, Black, Chocolate, Taupe, Beige, Anise, Turquoise, Sapphire, Iris, Purple, Lilac, Raspberry, Poppy, Tangerine, Orange & Yellow.

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