What to Look for When Choosing a Calligraphy Fountain Pen Nib

Mar 22

Calligraphy is a beautiful, delicate, and flexible art form that dates back thousands of years. Today, this art form survives thanks to the artists and writers who work to painstakingly learn the intricate details of the craft. Whether you’re just beginning to experiment with calligraphy, or if you’re transitioning from a novice to a competent artist, you need the right supplies to ensure the highest quality results. Read on for our advice on the best fountain pen nibs for calligraphy writing.


1. A Nib with Flex

Calligraphy design requires the ability to apply different levels of pressure at different angles in order to accomplish the varying line widths and emotive design elements you’re hoping to achieve. A flexible nib will allow you to create thick downstrokes as its tines spread apart, and alternating thin upstrokes as its tines close back together. Be sure to choose a nib made of a flexible material so that you have the greatest possible amount of control over its movements and ink output.

2. A Strong Nib

You’ll need a nib that can withstand pressure, long hours of use, and a variety of angles, fast movements, paper surfaces, and direction changes. Make sure you choose a nib that is strong enough to withstand your creative whims and not at risk of snapping under pressure (literally). A strong nib should also last you many years if well-maintained, which means you can trust you’ll receive a positive ROI on your investment.

3. A Smooth Writing Nib
You can’t expect to produce elegant and fluid calligraphy with a nib that scratches and snags the surface of your paper. Make sure that even when writing on thick, fibrous paper, you’ve chosen a nib that offers a smooth writing experience so you can focus on your form, and not your nib’s functionality.

4. A Nib that Can Hold its Ink
If you plan to choose a dip pen, as opposed to a fountain pen with an ink reservoir or cartridge system, make sure the nib is formed in a way so that it can hold a significant amount of ink without leaving splotches and drips on your paper. Nibs that don’t hold enough ink will leave you constantly needing to re-dip—a maneuver that can seriously interrupt your creative flow at inopportune moments. 

If you’re a calligraphy beginner and are looking for a nib and pen that will allow lamy-job-al-calligraphy_pen_blackyou flexibility, strength, and a smooth writing experience, we recommend the LAMY 1.5 mm Nib Joy Calligraphy Pen. The LAMY Nib Joy is a fountain pen that inspires beautiful, creative writing. Made of black shiny plastic, with a flexible clip of spring brass wire, it even includes an ergonomic grip section. With a cartridge filling system, you won’t have to worry about stopping to dip or refill your ink reservoir.

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