What Your Handwriting Says About You

Mar 04

Your handwriting can serve as an indication of a variety of different personality types. It acts as a visual representation of all of the unique factors that make you who you are. Just like no two people are the same, you could never find two identical handwriting samples. Graphology, the study of handwriting, is a complex and in-depth science. What we have to offer are just a few theories out of many, as to what your handwriting says about your personality.


Letter Size

  • Large – You are outgoing, outspoken, and love being the center of attention.
  • Medium – You are well adjusted and comfortable adapting to any unexpected situation.
  • Small – You are meticulous, studious, and often shy.

Letter Shape

  • Angular Letters­ – You are intense, intelligent, and curious.
  • Curved Letters with Soft Edges – You are creative and artistic.

Spacing In Between Words

  • Wide – You need to have your space and your freedom.
  • Narrow – You prefer not to be alone, and enjoy always having companions around you.

Slanting Letters

  • No Slant – Vertically-aligned letters indicate you are practical and pragmatic.
  • Right Slant – You enjoy meeting new people and being in new experiences.
  • Left Slant – You shy from the spotlight, preferring to work alone.

Where You Dot Your i’s

  • High Above the i – You are a dreamer.
  • Directly Above the i – You, Goldilocks, are well-organized and detail-oriented.
  • To the Left of the i – You tend to procrastinate.
  • Circle Dots – If instead of dotting your i’s, you draw tiny circles over the letter, you have a child-like whimsy.

Where You Cross Your Lowercase T’s

  • The Very Top of the T – You are ambitious and optimistic.
  • The Very Middle of the T – You are comfortably confident.
  • Long Crosses – You are enthusiastic, but your determination can lead to stubbornness.
  • Short Crosses – You often lack direction and determination.

Page Margins

  • Left-Aligned – You have a sentimental attachment toward the past.
  • Right-Aligned– You tend to worry about the future and the unknown.
  • Erratic Lines – If you tend to write all over the page without any structure or consistent margin alignment your mind is constantly filled with ideas that you struggle to contain.

Your Signature

  • Legible – You are confident, comfortable, and proud of who you are. You have nothing to hide and you write your name clearly and with dignity.
  • Illegible – You are a private person and don’t always like to show your true self to the public.

These guidelines are not meant to be definitive, scientific analyses, just a summary of some tendencies provided for your enjoyment. Still, we recommend that you consider this list and compare this analysis to your handwritten notes in your favorite notebook. Do you see any similarities? Do any of the insights apply to you and your own personality?

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