Why Details Make the Difference for Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks

Why Details Make the Difference for Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks
Aug 10

Leuchtturm is German for lighthouse. It is also the name of one of the highest quality stationery suppliers and notebook brands on the market. The Leuchtturm company was founded in 1917. In 1948 it was re-established in Hamburg. The company grew in popularity and market share over the decades, and by the 1960s Leuchtturm had become the world’s leading supplier of postage stamp and coin albums. Management of the company was taken on by Axel and Max Stürken during the late 1990s. At the time, Axel and Max marked the fourth generation of the Hanseatic family to run the popular stationery company.

 The tagline for Leuchtturm is “details make all the difference.” What that statement means for the company, is that every aspect of its superbly designed notebooks are thoroughly considered to ensure they are produced at the highest level. What it means for fans of the popular brand, is a consistently reliable, and high quality item, and a convenient and long-lasting product.

One of Leuchtturm’s signature products is its line of Leuchtturm1917 notebooks. Named for the year of the company’s founding, these iconic notebooks demonstrate the company’s belief that success stems from quality and well thought-out detailed solutions. To ensure convenience and versatility, Leuchtturm1917 notebooks are available in the following international sizes:  A4+, A5, A6, A7, and B5 (read our earlier blog post to learn about international paper sizes).

In addition to their range of sizes and vibrant covers, Leuchtturm notebooks are manufactured in Germany with the highest quality materials and construction. Made with bleed-proof, acid free paper, the covers are made of a durable, easy to wash material. Leuchtturm notebooks also offer numbered pages, and a blank table of contents. This convenient organizational element makes Leuchtturm notebooks a good choice for those in the classroom, or the boardroom. To further solidify Leuchtturm1917’s unique offering, each notebook includes several perforated back pages and a set of self-adhesive labels for archiving.

Fountain pen aficionados are especially fond of Leuchtturm1917 notebooks’ bleed proof, high quality paper. If you have recently converted from ball point pen notetaking, to the sophisticated and expressive realm of fountain pen notetaking, we suggest you consider Leuchtturm1917 notebooks for everyday use.

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