Why the Fascination with Fountain Pens?

Why the Fascination with Fountain Pens?
Aug 17

Why the Fascination with Fountain Pens?

In so many ways we are a nation of convenience. We choose fast food, drive-through pharmacies, and streaming videos. In a nation that values efficiencies, easy-access, and speed, why are we so enamored by fountain pens? These traditional writing implements are certainly not the most convenient option available for those looking to write a quick note. Unlike plastic, disposable ballpoint and gel pens, fountain pens must be well-maintained. They must be cleaned, refilled, protected, and refilled again. Still, millions of us choose to write, draw, sketch, and create exclusively with fountain pens.


Why the fascination with these higher maintenance devices? The reasons vary, but they are many. Consider the reasons why so many of us choose fountain pens over all other available forms of communication:


  1. Fountain pens allow for a greater variety of ink styles and colors. Sure, you can find plastic, disposable pens in blue, black, and red, but if you want to create correspondence and artwork using vibrant Noodler’s Baystate Blue ink, or the elegant Herbin Perle des Encres Ink in Lierre Sauvage, only a fountain pen will allow for such variety and expressiveness.


  1. “My handwriting is better when I use a fountain pen.” Many fountain pen fans find that using a fountain pen forces them to slow down, enjoy the experience and process of creating, and focus on the quality of their handwriting, resulting in an overall better finished product.


  1. An appreciation of vintage tradition. Fountain pens represent vintage elegance. They are reminiscent of a bygone era where correspondence was personal and thank yous were handwritten. Many fountain pen fans state that they simply appreciate the experience of using a tool that represents tradition, artistic expression, creativity, and individualism.


  1. The highest quality fountain pens are designed to offer the most comfortable writing experience. An ideal pen is well balanced, fits comfortably in the hand, and provides the perfect leverage to glide across the page. For those who write lengthy pieces of correspondence, or who sketch for long periods of time, fountain pens offer writing satisfaction and pleasure.


  1. Artistic expression. The shape and size of fountain pens and the variety of available inks allow for a wide range of design styles and flexibility for artists and calligraphers. The ability to vary the width and shape of each line, and choose an unending supply of ink colors means limitless possibilities for artists – something that simply cannot be accomplished with a ballpoint pen.


  1. The cool factor. Writing with a fountain pen instantly elevates your status. There is a perception that those who choose fountain pens are classy and creative, and they are! If you’re looking to elevate your status in the boardroom, classroom, or studio, make the transition to fountain pen use.

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