Why We Love STABILO Fiber Tipped Pens

Jun 09

They’re perfect for drafting, sketching, note taking, drawing, and bringing creative visions to life. With a wide variety of vivid hues, high quality ink, and a consistency you can rely on, STABILO pens have been a staple for millions of artists over the decades. If you haven’t yet experienced the STABILO difference, it’s time to explore why these tiny tools are so often chosen by artists to make big impressions.


A Tradition of Quality

STABILO began production on its now famous felt-tipped pens in 1966. Its Pen 68 line of ten brilliantly colored, quick-drying inks revolutionized coloring for students and amateur artists thanks to its high-quality ink, convenient packaging, and wide variety of colors.

In 1977, Schwan-STABILO took the next step in advancing the hobbyist pen industry when it released a felt-tip pen with a fine point at an affordable price. Quickly adopted for use in offices and schools, the STABILO Point 88 expanded from its original four shades, to 25. Today, its orange body and white stripes are iconic and recognized by amateur and professional artists as a quality, reliable creative tool.

The Flexibility of STABILO Pens

The reasons STABILO fans have continued to rely on its felt-tipped pens for decades all surround its dynamic hues, iconic form factor, and convenient packaging. The STABILO

premium fiber-tip pen offers color-intensive ink perfect for creating strong lines and large areas. No other pen can compare to the high brilliance and luminosity of STABILO. Each package offers limitless possibilities for long-lasting, stand-out colors.

The STABILO pen’s robust M-tip offers an approximate 1 mm width line that is specially designed to ensure even ink distribution, which means you don’t need to worry about streaks, inconsistencies, or variations. STABILO pens can stand up to even your longest drafting sessions with quality, consistent results. What’s more, reliable STABILO pens have a cap off time of 24 hours, which means you don’t need to worry about your pens quickly drying out as you execute your designs, sketches, and drawings.

Each STABILO pen is designed with odorless, water-based ink and is protected by a ventilated cap, making them ideal for use in the classroom, the office, or at home.

STABILO pens are available in 40 colors, 6 fluorescent shades, and a wide variety of ranges to ensure no matter your needs, you can find the perfect package of long-lasting fiber tipped pens.

If you’re ready to experience the STABILO difference for yourself, click here to shop our available line of STABILO products.

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