Why You Need the Alvin PXB Series Portable Parallel Straightedge Board for Your Next Project

Aug 03

When your drawings and schematics need to be exact, you can’t rely on imprecise tools or methods. That’s why artists, engineers, and perfectionists choose the Alvin PXB Series Portable Parallel Straightedge Board. Not only does it serve as a comfortable, and reliable tool to draw perfectly straight lines using nearly any medium, on nearly any surface, it’s conveniently portable. With the Alvin Parallel Straightedge Board, you get the convenience of a studio work surface in a compact, portable unit. We’ve got four reasons why you need this portable perfectionist’s tool for your next big project.


It’s Made of High Quality Materials

The Alvin PXB Series Portable Parallel Straightedge Board is made of a professional quality, smooth, warp-free white, laminated Melamine. Not only does the surface ensure your pen, pencil, or brush never skips or skids, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth in the event of an unfortunate ink splatter, drip, or paint splotch.

The ultra-smooth surface is especially useful when reinserting a drawing on the board for additional work. With a drawing surface of 18 inches by 24 inches, it’s the perfect size for your sketches, painting and pictures. The particle board substrate is 0.63 inches thick for strength and durability. The folding metal legs are set at an angle to prevent accidental collapse and include rubber-dipped ends to prevent scratching of your desk or work surface. The drawing board is even CARB compliant and all components are phthalate and lead-free.

It Allows You to Create Precise Lines

For the Alvin Parallel Straightedge Board, the magic is in the aluminum straightedge that glides smoothly up and down the board and eliminates the need for a T-square. Its cross-wire and pulley system ensure the straightedge remains perfectly parallel in any position. Meanwhile, with three-inch legs, the board can be used in the elevated or flat position. Rubber grip tracks underneath allow the front of the board to overhang a table edge up to 8 inches, which increases the working angle and brings the drawing surface closer to you. Click here to watch a video demonstration.  Still not impressed? Consider these facts:

  • The crystal clear acrylic blade is 0.12 inches thick and includes inking edges underneath to minimize smudging.
  • The blade clearance is 3/16 inch for use with a variety of surfaces, including foam board and cutting mats.
  • The straightedge has brake mechanisms on each end for secure, positive locking in any location on the board.
  • Its large brake knobs include rubber grips for comfort.
  • The straightedge has top-mounted adjustment knobs on each end for fine-tuning parallelism.

It’s Portable, Allowing You to Take Your Creative Project On-The-Go

Draw where you’re inspired, but don’t sacrifice quality. At 4.536 pounds, you can take your Parallel Straightedge Board to the café, the park, your art class, the library, and anywhere else you need it to go. It gives you all the convenience of a full-size drawing board but only requires a fraction of the space.

No Assembly Required

Your Straightedge Board will arrive fully assembled, which means once it’s in your possession, nothing will stand between you and your next creative accomplishment.

For more on the Alvin PXB Series Portable Parallel Straightedge Board, or to place your order, click here.

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