Why You Should Write Poetry with a Fountain Pen

Feb 08

Writing with a fountain pen is not a transaction between thought and paper. It’s an emotive, creative experience. Fountain pens are tools used to conjure muses, to inspire divine intervention, and to produce poetry and prose in lines of gentle arcs and dream-like swirls. These captivating and stirring qualities make fountain pens the best tools available to scribe poetry, and we have five more reasons why.


Poetry is an expression of oneself, just like fountain pen writing.

When you write with a fountain pen, you aren’t confined to anyone else’s idea of letter forms or proper handwriting techniques. The only way to truly produce writing with a fountain pen is to let each letter flow from your shoulder, through the pen as the ink glides across the page. As your words bubble-up from deep within your chest, they won’t be stuttered by typing, or restricted by dragging and scratching ball point pens. Your words will flow from your pen as they flow from your heart, making a fountain pen the perfect tool for letting your feelings flow.


Fountain pens are just as individualistic as poems.

Not only do fountain pens allow you to express your individuality, each pen, ink color, nib, and the limitless permutations of each, allows for an individual opportunity to create something unique. This makes fountain pens ideal whether you’re penning haikus, prose, traditional verse, or even unrhymed iambic pentameter in Shakespearean style.


Fountain pens allow you to write in a variety of styles.

The ability to vary line thicknesses, change ink colors, and even vary the width of individual lines allows you to produce creative projects in a variety of styles, a capability bound to inspire a creativity of poetic verse.


The physical pleasure allows for long writing sessions.

The only thing worse than writer’s block, is when you are inspired to write but your hands are too cramped and fatigued to get all of your ideas out on paper. With a fountain pen, thanks to the comfortable writing experience it offers, you’ll never have to worry about your hand writing out of energy before your mind and soul runs out of ideas.


Fountain pens enable a reflective kind of writing.

When every stroke of the pen is as unique as your own personal experiences, ideas, and fantasies, how could you not be inspired to produce poems that are equally as reflective and soul-searching?


If you’re looking for a fountain pen and ink combination to inspire your poetry, we recommend the LAMY Safari Fountain Pen, in Shiny Black with an Extra Fine tip paired with J. Herbin Anniversary Ink in Dark Red.

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