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How to Choose the Right Fountain Pen
Jun 08

Writing is a form of creative expression. Writing by hand, is a form of art. No matter what you are writing, your craft deserves to be refined using tools that allow for sophistication, control, and personal expression. No drugstore rollerball pen could offer the type of craftsmanship, quality, and precision of a fountain pen. If you’re ready to make the transition from mundane note taker, to fine artist, read our guide below to learn how to choose the right fountain pen.   Consider Nib Type The fountain pen’s nib is a thin, pointed piece of metal that draws the ink...

The Quality of the Canvas Matters
Jun 06

Why You Should Choose Acid-free, pH Neutral Paper for Your Writing Projects   Whether you are writing poetry, creating delicate calligraphy, or just taking important business notes, the quality of the paper that you use to document your work will determine the longevity of your final project. When selecting paper or notebooks check the label to make sure you’ve chosen acid-free, or pH neutral paper. To understand how to preserve your writing project, you must first understand the science behind the contents of your notebook.   What is a pH factor? The pH factor of your paper refers to its...

A Guide to Choosing the Right Size Paper for You
Jun 01

Think the world has fully migrated to a life of tablets, smart phones, and laptops? Think again. Paper and pen continue to be irreplaceable communication tools for students, professionals, artists, writers, and everyone in between. Research has shown that students who used longhand remember more information and have a deeper understanding of the material than students who use laptops, and etiquette experts still point to handwritten thank you notes as the appropriate means of showing gratitude. If you are among the millions who prefer to scribe in paper and pen, understanding the appropriate shape and size paper for your needs...